Guide to Tree Lopping

Do you have a tree on your property that has deadwood or hanging branches? Maybe the tree is too close to your property or the roots are causing damage to the pathways or pipes.

Your first step is to identify the type of tree (a Level 5 Arborist’s report may be necessary). Then enquire at your local Council to find out their requirements for tree removal. You may require approval from the Council to have the tree removed.

Once you have approval you need to find a qualified (Level 3 Arborist) and insured contractor to remove the tree. It is of the utmost importance that the contractor you choose has the qualifications and insurances necessary to give you piece of mind when a tree is being removed on your property.

The next thing to look at is whether everything you require is included in the quote. Often contractors quote to remove the tree and mulch, but what you are then left with is a stump and lots of mess.


Active Industries Services take pride in ensuring that everything you require is quoted and that your property is left neat and tidy once the job is completed.

Call us today and we will provide you with a competitive quote for all your tree Lopping needs.