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Tight Access Excavation Services in Sydney

October 21, 2020 4:09 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Active Industries Services is a leading provider of tight access excavation services in Sydney and beyond. Regardless of how narrow the access is to your worksite or building location, our expert operators can get the job done. Our excavators are easily maneuverable in tight spaces. They are quiet enough to operate in your backyard, and provide excellent earthmoving solutions. With Active Industries Services, you can trust that your worksite or residential property protected. Our machinery comes with rubber tracks and grass tires. It ensures that all paving, lawns, and other surfaces are protected from any damage. Moreover, our mini excavators available for


To Concrete or Paving?

October 4, 2018 6:16 am Published by Leave your thoughts

The question that always seems to come up when deciding on designs around the exterior of a property is whether to concrete or paving. Spray on Finish Concrete or Paving: Which is Better? You may be surprised to know just how many options are available to make concrete a real feature in your landscaping. It may also come as a pleasant surprise that concreting can also be a much more affordable option. Concrete can be colored to suit your style through color sealing, color oxide, or spray-on finish. You can also create a unique style with a spray-on finish. There

Colour Oxide

Concrete Colour Oxide on Top of Finish

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The concrete colour oxide on top, also known as a throw-on colour is an option that is a consistent finish and true to the colour shade samples. The colour oxide finish is highly recommended when concreting in easily accessible areas. The colour is thrown on top of the concrete while the concrete is still wet. Some advantages of Concrete colour Oxide are: The colour is consistent, not blotchy or patchy. The colour surface is harder A stencil can be applied to create a pattern The finish is long-lasting if maintained correctly Concrete can be clear sealed the same day as

Colour Mix

Colour Through the Concrete Mix Finishes

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Colour through the concrete mix is a common choice of single colour concreting. It is using in some tight access areas where other types of concrete finishes are not an option. Colour through the mix tends to fit most people’s budgets and gives that touch of colour rather than having a plain concrete finish. The advantages of colour through the mix include: A single colour over plain concrete Coloured concreting in areas where other concrete finishes are not an option A variety of colour choices If concrete gets chipped or scratched during its lifetime it is generally not as noticeable


Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating Finishes

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What is Epoxy Coating? Epoxy Concrete floor coating is a high-end heavy-duty finish for internal concrete floors. It offers a wide range of colours and flecks to suit your style. Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating is a non-slip coating that is extremely easy to maintain. Simply vacuum and mop as you would with tiles! The epoxy concrete floor coating can be used for internal areas such as: Garage Floors Alfresco Floors Factory Floors Studio/ Office Floors The Epoxy concrete coating is extremely durable and is sealed with a resin to protect the finish. Even hot car tyres will not strip the


Guide to Tree Lopping

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Do you have a tree on your property that has deadwood or hanging branches? Maybe the tree is too close to your property or the roots are causing damage to the pathways or pipes. We first provide you with the best tree lopping services that you needed. Your first step is to identify the type of tree. Then enquire at your local council to find out their requirements for tree removal. You may require approval from the Council to have the tree removed. Once you have approval you need to find a qualified and insured contractor to remove the tree.


What is Spray On Finish?

October 4, 2018 4:42 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Spray-on finish or Resurfacing is a high-end decorative concrete coating that sets a standard above the rest. Spray-On has a lot of advantages over other concreting finishes. Such as: Unlimited patterns and designs (If you can picture it, we can spray it!) A large range of colours Multi-colour designs Used in hard to reach areas Long lasting when maintained correctly Can be repaired if damaged Non-slip Can be used on driveways, pathways, stairs, alfresco, pool surrounds, and all internal or external concrete areas Spray-on can apply to new and existing concrete surfaces based on their condition. Spray-On is also another