What is Spray On Finish?


Spray-on finish or Resurfacing is a high-end decorative concrete coating that sets a standard above the rest.


Spray-On has a lot of advantages over other concreting finishes. Such as:

  • Unlimited patterns and designs (If you can picture it, we can spray it!)
  • A large range of colours
  • Multi-colour designs
  • Used in hard to reach areas
  • Long lasting when maintained correctly
  • Can be repaired if damaged
  • Non-slip
  • Can be used on driveways, pathways, stairs, alfresco, pool surrounds, and all internal or external concrete areas
  • Spray-on can apply to new and existing concrete surfaces based on their condition.

Spray-On is also another great alternative to paving or tiling an area around your home.

If you have already completed the concreting around your home and want to achieve a different style Spray on finish may be the concrete solution you are looking for. Call Active Industries Services today to discuss your concrete finishes.

Spray on finish