To Concrete or Paving?

The question that always seems to come up when deciding on designs around the exterior of a property is whether to concrete or paving.


Spray on Finish

Concrete or Paving: Which is Better?

You may be surprised to know just how many options are available to make concrete a real feature in your landscaping. It may also come as a pleasant surprise that concreting can also be a much more affordable option.

Concrete can be colored to suit your style through color sealing, color oxide, or spray-on finish. You can also create a unique style with a spray-on finish. There are even a variety of different patterns that can achieve the look that you want.

If you have had pavers before you would be aware of the maintenance. If they stain easily, move, attract ant’s nests and those dreaded weeds!


Color Oxide on Top

So, if you have a new home or area in an existing property that you are looking to finish some of our concreting options would be worth looking at.


Spray on Finish

Concrete VS Pave

Hear what the experts have to say when it comes to pavers vs concrete. As well as why pavers are the best choice when it comes to driveways and the surrounding areas of your home.

Add Value to your Home

Pavers are the best option to add visual appeal to your property and add value to your home. Pavers come in a range of colors, styles, sizes, and textures, which means you can match them to the style and surroundings of your home. Poured concrete can get unsightly cracks caused by soil movement, and concrete doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal that pavers do. They are sturdy, durable, low maintenance, easily repairable, best value for money and don’t crack.

User Friendly

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