Concrete Colour Oxide on Top of Finish

concrete color oxide

The concrete colour oxide on top, also known as a throw-on colour is an option that is a consistent finish and true to the colour shade samples.

The colour oxide finish is highly recommended when concreting in easily accessible areas. The colour is thrown on top of the concrete while the concrete is still wet.

Some advantages of Concrete colour Oxide are:

  • The colour is consistent, not blotchy or patchy.
  • The colour surface is harder
  • A stencil can be applied to create a pattern
  • The finish is long-lasting if maintained correctly
  • Concrete can be clear sealed the same day as it is completed
  • It is a suitable option for most budgets.

How to Choose Right Oxide?

Adding oxide to concrete can give it a pleasant colour. If you want your concrete to have an earth tone or a dull colour, use gray cement and a gray aggregate. For brighter colours, use white cement and a white aggregate. Measure your oxide pigment carefully and mix it in along with all your other concrete material.

1. Select your colour

There are a multitude of oxides available that you can add to concrete. Choose from red, light brown, dark brown, yellow, and black, among other colours.

  • Black colour typically used in home driveways and gas stations because it hides oil stains and grime.
  • Brown hues are common in industrial flooring and some homes.
  • Coloured concretes are common in concrete masonry units, concrete pavers, and other forms of decorative concrete.

2. Mix bright concrete colour oxide with white cement

Gray cement, when combined with a bright oxide, will detract from the brilliance of the colour. The concrete that results will be dull in colour. Therefore, if you want to create pink, blue, green, yellow, or another pastel or brightly coloured concrete, use white cement when mixing your concrete.

  • For an even brighter colour, mix your concrete with a white aggregate.

3. Combine gray cement with darker oxides

Gray cement works best in concert with oxides that are brown, black, or gray. Gray cement is also best when trying to achieve dull red, burgundy, or earth tones.

4. Obtain a high-quality oxide

High-quality oxides will bear a certification on the label confirming that the product meets the standards of the International Organization for Standardization. Only use oxides that bear ISO certification on their labels.

If this concrete finish sounds like it would suit your project give Active Industries Services a call.